pHisoderm has been trusted for 50 years!

You may remember that Iconic green bottle. Or watching your Mom in the bathroom, washing her face, when you were younger? pHisoderm has been recommended, even passed down through generations of friends and family in Canada for 50 years. Today, pHisoderm has developed the best line of defense to restore your skins natural moisture barrier while staying true to the formulas you’ve trusted for years.

Read what a loyal pHisoderm user has to say:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am sharing a milestone of my life where the wonderful product “pHisoderm” is involved. It will interest you to hear that for fifty years I have washed my face faithfully twice a day (morning/night) with pHisoderm-AND NEVER A DIFFERENT PRODUCT-I would not dare, as the results of a healthy few “normal aging wrinkles”, complexion must be due to my devotedness to the regular use of the same product-pHisoderm for fifty years!!! I am now 69 years “young” and feel that you would enjoy to read of the success of your product pHisoderm.

Here is my story… My two older siblings had acne problems that I viewed with pity as a youngster. I was told it was “in the genes” and that I’d have that too when I was their age. This was always a concern for me. I had an odd blemish until I was nineteen. At that age I became more conscious of anything that would not allow me to look my best. I was a new teacher and was very keen on trying to look good-always! I shared an apartment with a nurse friend. When I began to show signs of a blemish or a pimple she saw my concern. One day she brought home some pHisoderm from the hospital for me to start using. She said that the doctors wash with it before operating so it must be good for cleansing.

I began using pHisoderm and after purchasing my first bottle (took no chances of taking a freebee from the hospital any longer), I have purchased pHisoderm for fifty years since then-a golden anniversary!!! My children, who were brought up on the cleansing care of pHisoderm… have never experienced acne either!

I hope you enjoyed reading my “pHisoderm Story”. Do share it with others who may enjoy a bit of fifty year old history.

Sincerely yours,
D. Savoy
(A very satisfied user of pHisoderm)